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The original VK-5 rug from 1949, at Peter Klint's home in Copenhagen Habour

The original VK-5 rug from 1949, at Peter Klint's home in Copenhagen Habour
Investing in quality and design doesn't just add an obvious aesthetic impact to interior decor; it's also about the lasting power of well-crafted products. Quality resides in its ability to gracefully age over time.
Vibeke Klint wisely described the essence of a "good rug" to Kristeligt Dagblad back in 1987:
"It should be both flexible, firm, and dense so that as it wears, it becomes more and more beautiful. Ideally, one shouldn't be afraid  about wear and tear, but instead, rejoice and discover the new color experiences hidden within the threads, emerging alongside wear."
The exceptional durability and fine materials allow these products to endure for generations, passing through families as heirlooms. Just like the grand VK-5 rug, originally crafted by Vibeke Klint, now lying on the floor at her son, Peter Klint's houseboat in Copenhagen Harbor.


"My mother, Vibeke Klint, initially made it for her mother, my grandmother. When my grandmother passed away, her sister Grethe inherited the large rug, and after her passing, it came to me."

"It has graced various spaces over the years. For a long time, it was at my vacation home. However, after completing the construction of my houseboat, I brought it here, where it now lies in the open kitchen-dining area, setting a beautiful tone in the spacious, bright room. When you look at the rug, it's hard to believe it's 74 years old"


"The rug has the fantastic quality of being double-woven, making it incredibly soft and pleasant to walk on. Furthermore, it contributes to a pleasant acoustic environment in the room."

The rug VK-5 was the very first rug that Vibeke Klint designed, and is characterized by the fact that Vibeke Klint was inspired by her teacher, Gerda Henning, whose workshop Vibeke Klint took over in 1951 after Gerda Henning’s untimely death at the request of the husband of Gerda Henning, the famous sculptor Gerhard Henning. The rug consists of small square pieces in white and black that are connected all over the surface, so that it appears elegant and lifelike, but most of all so timeless that it is now put into production for the next generation.

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