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Beautiful and colorful carpets are not limited to the living rooms and bedrooms of the house. You can refresh your kitchen simply by placing a beautiful runner on the kitchen floor.

It creates coziness and adds warmth to an otherwise often clinical space. Additionally, it protects the floor in the defined walking area, which can quickly become worn out.

Guidelines for kitchen rugs

Finding a nice kitchen rug is not always easy, especially considering that a rug in a kitchen is exposed to much more than any other room in the house, with food and drinks constantly at risk of ending up on the floor or the rug.

When choosing a rug for the kitchen, there are some considerations to keep in mind.

Avoid long-haired rugs that are difficult to vacuum and where crumbs and debris can easily get trapped between the fibers. Also, avoid light, solid-colored rugs where stains would be very noticeable. NORDICMODERN recommends to choose a reversible rug in natural materials for the kitchen area.



NORDICMODERN's collection of hand-woven rugs is designed by Vibeke Klint (1927-2019) based on her original unique rugs that have never been in production before.

The rugs are woven with the finest natural materials such as English and New Zealand wool and linen, which are inherently resistant to dirt. All rugs are reversible and made to last for many years to come.

NORDICMODERN's collection of timeless Vibeke Klint rugs consists of both neutral and more artistic designs, and the different patterns and colors in the rugs complement each other. The rugs can be used in any room of the house and will help create a cohesive theme in your interior design.

All rugs benefit from an underlay, especially free-standing rugs. It prolongs the rug's lifespan, increases slip resistance, and enhances the rug's appearance and comfort when walking on it.

All rugs are reversible. We recommend that you turn the rug around every 6-12 months in order to avoid color deviations caused by the exposure to sunlight.

Materials and quality
Vibeke Klint textile

NORDICMODERNs collection of handwoven rugs in original Vibeke Klint design is crafted using the finest natural materials such as New Zealand wool and linen. Wool has a high lanolin content, making the rugs naturally resistant to dirt.

The rugs are produced in northern India. The simple minimalist patterns, characteristic of Vibeke Klint, demand precision that only the best and most experienced weavers can deliver. To ensure that the quality meets the durability and precision of the original Vibeke Klint rugs, some of Denmark's most skilled weavers have trained the Indian weaving team in Danish techniques, such as extra-long warp threads, ensuring that the rugs last for many years.

Inspiration from private homes

POPULAR RUGS for the kitchen
Vibeke Klint

Runner VK-3

From 2.250,00 DKK
Vibeke Klint

Runner VK-3

From 2.250,00 DKK
Vibeke Klint
Vibeke Klint


The bedroom is often the "neglected space" in a home.
Create tranquility and style in your bedroom with Vibeke Klint's beautiful carpets.


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